Workforce Inclusion & Successful Employment (WISE)

What is the Salt Lake County WISE Program

Salt Lake County is experiencing amazing prosperity, but we have unequal economic opportunity. A person born of a certain race, gender, or within specific zip codes, regardless of ability, is likely to make half the income of other people in the County. The WISE grant will help low-income and diverse communities launch into high-paying opportunities.

Promise South Salt Lake WISE

The Knowledgeable & WISE Liaisons

South Salt Lake has a commitment to foster a community that continually invests in itself. To achieve that, Promise SSL recently hired three liaisons as part of a new program with funding support from Salt Lake County called the Workforce Inclusion & Successful Employment Program (WISE). The Co-Op is all about new opportunities, which is why we’re so excited to be a WISE partner. The WISE program will support low-income communities to launch higher-paying, better-quality careers by increasing access to workforce development programs, improving completion rates of these programs, and improving placement in better jobs. Our WISE Liaisons are here to help you. 

Co-Op WISE Resource Liaison

Vayana is here to support community members to thrive by facilitating access to what they may need. When people have their basic needs met, they are able to go out of survival mode and start seeing a future full of opportunities for themselves. In her free time, Vayana enjoys attending public events such as concerts, fairs, farmers’ markets, festivals, parades, performances, and art exhibitions. For any questions, please contact Vayana at

Co-Op WISE Childcare Liaison

Kylie’s role is to make quality, affordable childcare accessible since it can be a barrier for those looking to further their careers. She is also here to help people navigate the process of setting up their own at-home childcare and connect them to the necessary resources needed. In her spare time, Kylie runs a nonprofit in Kenya that provides childcare for young, single mothers and enjoys traveling, skiing, reading, and hanging out with her dog. For any questions, please contact Kylie at

Co-Op WISE Outreach Liaison

Gage’s role is to effectively inform our community of the opportunities provided at the Co-Op. By listening to the community, he works with partners and stakeholders to implement and advocate for programming that meets their needs. Born and raised in Vernal, Gage developed a love for the outdoors where he keeps an eye out for aliens. When he’s not outdoors, he can be found making music with friends. For any questions, please contact Gage at